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A girl gets naked in front of guy
and allows him to see every visible and hidden scar she has
she knows she is making a mistake but she does it anyways
the guy stares at her and takes in everything about her and even helps her heal and after some time she doesn’t feel naked anymore
so she goes out into the world to explore the world in her naked skin that she thought she had help herself get use to
she flirts
she lives more freely
but after a while more scars appear and she wonders why
she runs back to the guy that helped her heal cause just maybe
just maybe she can only feel perfect around him and she’s right
but she senses something different about him his attention span for her is shorter
she let’s it go because she almost feels like thats the way it should be
but then the guy turns his head around completely to see another body
and then the girl stands there naked again
visble to the world around her once more
and she realizes she has let some one see so much of her when he hasn’t even touched her
not once.
She realizes that she was stupid cause she knew that he could only stay so long until he had to go
she gets dressed and walks away
cause how can one stay friends with someone that they let see every inch of their soul?

"I’ve found that growing up means being honest. About what I want. What I need. What I feel. Who I am."
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